Do you have sagging skin under your chin? Does that sagging skin make you look like you have a "double chin"? With aging, weight loss, sun damage, wrinkles and genetics produces the unflattering look of the "turkey neck" which can make people's neck appear fatter than it actually is. In this case, a neck lift may be the best option for you.

  • A non-smoker

  • At a stable body weight

A neck lift can lift sagging skin, tighten neck muscles and remove fat. A typical neck lift operation takes no more than a few hours and is done under with local or general anesthetic combined with a sedative. Patients can usually leave after the procedure is completed, but in some instances a short stay may be necessary.

A neck lift involves an incision around the ears and down the neck. The skin is then separated from the underlying tissues, removed, and the remaining skin is closed with sutures and staples.


The recovery period for a neck lift is about 2 weeks. Patients usually experience some swelling, numbness, bruising and tenderness, and a feeling of tightness after operation. Two weeks post-surgery abstain for energetic activity. Sun exposure should be limited for several months until the facial tissue heals. The scars caused by incisions are usually inconspicuous, it takes an experienced plastic surgeon to ensure that the results will appear natural.

With all surgeries, neck lift surgery has some risks, including injury to facial nerves, infection, bleeding, excessive scarring, or asymmetry. Visit us for a consultation to see if a neck lift is required for you!

* Disclaimer - Individual results may vary. Please consult a doctor to better understand the results you should expect.